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What is Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)?

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a persistent, recurrent problem with sexual response, desire or orgasm in women. This not only causes stress within the individual, but strains her relationship with her partner as well.

For decades, women have been quietly keeping their sexual problem to themselves. According to data, 43% of adult women have experienced at least one symptom of FSD and this can occur in any stage of their lives, symptoms may include:

  • inability to achieve orgasm
  • low desire to engage in sex
  • difficulty with sexual response or arousal
  • physical conditions such as poor vaginal lubrication and pain.

NO single treatment has been established as a gold standard. Treatment maybe through patient education, sex therapy or pharmacologic treatment such as intimate gel.

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What is VSENSE?

VSENSE® is a globally patented gel formulation derived from natural ingredients.

Its active ingredient is Visnadine, a natural ingredient that helps to increase blood supply rate, improving sensitivity for a faster reach in sexual arousal.

Clinical tests have demonstrated VSENSE® ‘s benefits in producing an adequate degree of lubrication as well as clitoral swelling, resulting in a pleasant feeling of warmth and total well-being.

With a pH level of 6.0, VSENSE® is well-tolerated and does not leave any traces on garments. It has also been extensively tested.

  • Intensifies sensitivity of your intimate area giving a warm sensation.
  • Prevents dryness as it restores natural moisture in your intimate area.
  • Stimulates vaginal lubrication.
  • Helps reach pleasurable orgasms and increases intimacy.

Natural Composition

A natural vasodilator for a woman’s intimate area that helps increase microcirculation. This ingredient aids in restoring the lipid barrier, reducing dryness and irritation, at the same time heightening sensitivity for a faster reach in sexual arousal.

Plectrathus Barbatus Root Extract
About 80% of the extract consists of Forskolin, a substance with anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties.

Panicum Miliaceum Extract

Contains silicilic acid that promotes formation of collagen and elastin while retaining moisture. A good ingredient for improving hydration, firmness and smoothness.

Ethyl Ximenynate
A skin-conditioning agent that retains moisture in the area when applied and also aids in microcirculation.

How To Use?


Wash hands prior to application.


Apply 3-5 grams of VSense gel to the clitoris and labia majora and massage gently.


Wait for 5-10 minutes before intercourse.


Experience enhanced intimacy.

FOR BEST RESULTS – A daily application for 4 weeks is recommended.

What They Say about VSense

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